Cry, the Beloved Country

Cry, the Beloved CountryCry, the Beloved Country, the most famous and important novel in South Africa s history, was an immediate worldwide bestseller in 1948 Alan Paton s impassioned novel about a black man s country under white man s law is a work of searing beauty.Cry, the beloved country, for the unborn child that is


SowetoA celebration of modern life in Soweto, these stunning and stirring photographs show the importance of this township within the collective consciousness of South Africa Going beyond Soweto s historic struggles with apartheid, these images instead reveal the traditional importance of art, dance, and

Alexandra: A History

Alexandra: A HistoryAlexandra A History, is a social and political history of one of South Africa s oldest townships It begins with the founding of Alexandra as a freehold township in 1912, and traces its growth as a center of black working class life in the heart of Johannesburg, to the post apartheid era Declared